"In any investment there is a risk.  I am not a Licensed Broker or Financial Analyst; however, I am sharing my knowledge and experience with making money by investing in Forex, Cryptocurrency, and Stocks.  I want you to be wealthy and your family to have financial education and knowledge to succeed.  May wealth and prosperity overflow upon you." - Toyicha Chisom


To get familiar with stock trading lingo, I suggest that you read the following books that you can order for under $15 on Amazon.  Here are a few:



I admit that I did not read much...I literally jumped into the pool of stock trading and have been swimming every since 2010. Don't get me wrong...Read and Research!  I am a bit of a risk taker! 

Top Stock Trading Apps that you can download on your phone

*E Trade www.ETrade.com

*M1 Finance https://m1.finance/qzMI6v-9pRce

*Robin Hood www.Robinhood.com

*TD Ameritrade www.TDAmeritrade.com

*Stash www.Stash.com

*Acorns www.Acorns.com

Take a look at this article to figure out which App is best for you.  https://thetokenist.io/investing/best-stock-trading-apps/

I personally like E Trade and Stash due to the ease of functionality and information that it provides in an instance.  I used to think that trading stock was just for RICH PEOPLE.  I found out that this is not true.  Start with under $50 and watch you money grow...Don't expect large amounts of money until you invest more.  Think of stock trading like gambling at a casino instead of slot machines, a roulette table, craps, and black jack you have multiple companies that you general buy from or sound familiar.  Instead of a gambler, you are now called a Stockholder by owning a percentage of shares in a company.  My portfolio consist of over 20 companies including American Airlines (AAL), Spirit Airlines (SAVE), MGM Resorts (MGM),  Axon Enterprise (AAXON) law enforcement software and intelligence, Crons (CRON) cannabis grower, EXP Realty the future of real estate sales (EXPJ),  Uber (UBER), Lyft (LYFT), and many more!  It is nice to wake up on most days at the crack of dawn to see my investments growing.  Based on performance, I buy and trade daily.  Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, many essential industries have lost millions and billions of dollars.  With that in mind, buy shares in the travel industry such as airlines, cruise lines, and resorts now then watch them go up as the pandemic eases.  People are going to travel again.  I can give you more tips and guide you through your first trade with a virtual appointment.  It usually takes 15-30 minutes, if you have done your homework shown above. 


We have all heard of Bitcoin, but what about DogeCoin, Z Cash, Litecoin,  Ethereum, Chain Link,  Alogorand, and many more!   Investments are at your own risk, however, I see money growing consistently.  Having the right INSTRUCTION, KNOWLEDGE, and BEING AROUND THE RIGHT GROUP OF PEOPLE makes all of the difference.  I look forward to telling you, "Welcome to the World of Trading!"


Forex is traded 24 hours a day, 5 days a week across by banks, institutions and individual traders worldwide. Unlike other financial markets, there is no centralized marketplace for Forex, currencies trade over the counter in whatever market is open at that time. Trading Forex involves the buying of one currency and simultaneous selling of another. In Forex, traders attempt to profit by buying and selling currencies by actively speculating on the direction currencies are likely to take in the future.

Check out this video for beginners https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQbhqHao51M&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR2l5tAb--74oPtJjPYrbfC4m6qotp4_M1UFg8wyeSpwsRR2-5zu0LvWzWo

Download the Trade Viewer App to start studying charts

Download Forex Trading Games  Apps like Meta Trader 4 or  Forex Hero to practice

Jump into the World of Forex Trading with one of these Apps https://www.techzone360.com/topics/techzone/articles/2019/09/25/443354-top-8-mobile-apps-forex-trading.htm I chose to use eToro

To book a virtual appointment $25 per 15 minutes

Text 562-646-6185 for availability

Same day appointments are available


"In any investment there is risk.  I am not a Licensed Broker or Financial Analyst; however,  I will share my knowledge and my story.  I want you to be wealthy and your family to have financial education and knowledge to succeed.  May wealth and prosperity to be your new name." - Toyicha Chisom